Make building muscle a breeze

When it comes to achieving your muscle-building goals, nutrition is key and you need a specific meal plan to get you the best results in the least time.

You’ve probably heard all the clichés about how important nutrition is when it comes to building muscle.

Some say it’s 70% of the game.

Others say 80% or even 90%

At Aurora, we believe it’s 100% because the building blocks to a great body are just like pillars – and if you weaken just one of them, the whole structure comes crashing down.

We make sure your diet is working with you, not against you

This is the healthy solution to build lean muscle, fuel your workouts and allow you to maintain a consistent diet without even having to think about planning, shopping, prepping or cooking.

Designed with growth in mind, our bulk meal plans feed your body with all the nutrients to build muscle, fuel workouts and perform at your peak.

A delicious variety of tasty meals that’ll have you looking forward to every bite

Our bulk meal plans are packed full of the highest quality protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and vibrant vegetables we can get our hands on.

All of our sauces are homemade and plant-based with zero added sugar.

Let us take your muscle gain to the next level, allow you to lift more while facilitating growth and recovery.

*All our meals come with at least 30g of the highest-quality protein per serving.

Here’s what your future muscle building meals could look like:

We deliver your muscle building meal plans straight to your door – that’s one less thing you need to worry about so you can focus on everything else!

Bulk Plans

4 Meals + Snack

200+ Protein
Per Day

4 Weeks


5 Meals + Snack

225+ Protein
Per Day

4 Weeks


6 Meals + Snack

250+ Protein
Per Day

4 Weeks