Make weight loss possible, flexible and enjoyable

Whether you want to maintain your healthy lifestyle, achieve a specific body shape, or simply don’t have the time to prep and pack your lunch for the office

We do all your meal planning, shopping, and cooking, so you can focus on the rest.

Putting your diet on autopilot is the key to many people’s success, and it can be yours too.

Whether you want to get in shape for an upcoming holiday or you’re thinking long-term, we’re here to help

Our high-protein meals nourish you with all the good stuff and keep your body functioning optimally. We’ve carefully design our shred meal plans to help accelerate your fat loss while at the same time locking in all the taste, flavour and health benefits of a balanced diet – without the guilt!

Get ready to have your mind blown

Our gourmet in-house chef developed this menu to change the way you think about healthy eating. Here’s what you could be feasting on over the next 3 days:

Whoever said that weight loss and eating health had to be tasteless, boring and time-consuming?

We deliver your weight loss meal plans straight to your door – that’s one less thing you need to worry about so you can focus on everything else!

Shred Plans

2 Meals + Snack + Shake

1200 Calories
Per Day

4 Weeks


3 Meals + Snack

1500 Calories
Per Day

4 Weeks


4 Meals + Snack

1800 Calories
Per Day

4 Weeks